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One Question to god

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If u could ask one question to god...what wud it be????

Mine would be >>Why do u let so much injustice porevail on the planet??


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Why can't i just keep surfing the internet without worrying about studies and other responsibilities??????????
God is all knowing! I dont ask a question, but rather thank him for giving me this wonderful that iam enjoying!

Thanks god!


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my Que:Why did thy(sematic religions) told Idolters will go to hell? :( It is sad.all are humans.that is my feeling.hopes...
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why, God is there so much discrimination in this world?? people in countries like US feel a 10mbps connection is the most normal thing, while we struggle for 256kbps!! why God??


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My Mom and Dad
God is nature all elements which govers the world
dere is no such GOD exist who have power and all those things which we read in GRANTHS and in stories (Its My opinion)
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