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one long beep 2 short beeps

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my old pc

amd 64 3200+ 939
asus a8n-sli pe
1gb ddr400 kingston
antec sp-400w
bought 2006

today suddenly while it was running, one long beep and two short beep was emitting from the PC continuously...no display

removing graphics cards and reseating it have the same beeps codes
try with a spare 6600gt..same beep codes

graphics card 7600gt works in another PC..

removed all memory..same beep codes
try with different combo of the memory and memory slots to of no avail
removed the processor...re-install it back...same

so looks like it is a motherboard problem right?


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There is some problem with the video interface on ur mobo. Thats wat the long nd 2 short beeps mean. And as u are sure the card is ok, then surelly the mobos PCIE interface has some trouble.

Get it replaced if its still in warranty.


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it is ram problem no doubt it,insert the ram properly and remove and re insert the processorrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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well the retail box of the motherboard said, "3 years" so it may still be in warranty...bought in 11th aug 2006

i have reseat memory, and processors to of no avail..i dont have similar system to check the memory and processor...but removing all memory also have the same error beep codes...it is as if I didnt installed the graphics card...and by the way all the fans are spinning including that of the graphics card...

so i can take it to rashi? sticker on motherboard show rashi name


Authorized Service Provider:

  1. Digicomp is authorize service provider for Motherboard, VGA cards, ODD, Barebones
  2. Rashi Care is authorized for Motherboard service sold by Rashi..
  3. Pacific Infotech will do the service for Servers and Networking Products.
  4. ASUS RC is authorized service provider for Handset product.


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One long and two short beeps mean that thers a prob wid ur graphic card!!as u said the graphic card works on other comp. den surely ur MOTHERBOARD IS FAULTY.. give it fr repair or buy a new 1 !!!!


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sorry guys didnt post back the end result of it all..one guy asked me so i was reminded that i didnt post the end result here..

well it turns out two memory slots in channel 1 has become non-functional...
it is a lapse on my part that i thought i have checked all slots
this was after i took it to rashi and they said nothing wrong and showed me it is booting..damn..nope they didnt tell me anything about memory slot issue..it was the two slots near the processor that turn out to be faulty..do you think under warranty they should have replaced it or got it repaired...
then i didnt went back...
also one of two memory modules is not working...

in conclusion it is
memory problem = 1 module in a pair of it is not working
motherboard problem = two memory slots not working


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On monday I faced exct same problem with my old 845 mobo.
After around 12 times sitting two 512MB ram modules properly every thing is back to normal.


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Err.... Sorry....
I've forgotten to mention that I've changed the CMOS battery also.
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