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old cpu and new motherboard

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Intel p4 1.7 GHZ (Socket 478)
Intel 845GL chipset on a mercury Motherboard

Above r my system configuration. I am having some problem with my motherboard so i decided to get a new Intel motherboard. As Intel 845GL and GVSR mob r not found in the market i am thinking to go for a Intel Board with intel 865GV chipset, can i have my old p4 1.7 GHZ cpu on this new Intel 865GV motherboard


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well once i went to Nehru Place and i asked the same question for myself since my mobo doesnt have an AGP slot, the shopowner said yes u can use it. And my cousin is also using it, may be :mrgreen:


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intel 865GBF will cost u around 4k instead try Asus P4P800-VM(865) i hav used intel865GBF its ok.asus 865 is betta one of my frnd has used dat its betta den dat of intel.if u can then go for 875 chipset dats da best u can get for 478 soc but it dun hav a onboard GPU but its the best performer far betta then 865.


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intel 865gbf is no more under production .. u will only get old stock. do verify its warranty before buying it. i suugest going for the asus p4p-800-vm instead. whateva u buy verify its warranty surely beofre buying.
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