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Old Celeron+motherboard+ram Give Away Price--(Strictly Mumbai)

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I just backed out of the deal because he lives in some remote corner of mumbai and collecting the monitor from him would cost me around 300Rs. more so the actual cost becomes unfeasible for a second hand monitor, so backed out of the deal.

But this roadside cheap person is showing his character by insulting other religions/professions/individuals and members....

Bec of people like him, India does not progress, such people only know to insult/abuse, they will never help this great country progress....

Shame on u Mr.Rahull..... Shame on u....


Broken In
Never deal with Musla ppls.............

Was googling my name and this poped up That system is long gone.......
Dadar is a Remote area of Mumbai lol :) Imaranis guy stays at Dheravi.

King007 AKA Imaranis The ppls that marry there own cousins and have
official right to be called SisterFuc_KeRs Cheers!!

Shame on u Mr.Rahul

I say Shame on you and your whole community Paki...........
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