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Its linked to my Email ID and I have tried everything to share it with someone but it didn't work. Its going to expire in 1 hour.

Were you able to share your invite to anybody? or booked to anybody? just asking.

Last Saturday noon the 'invite' I got was booked via COD to [MENTION=1897]Akshay[/MENTION] and it was delivered on next day sunday morning at his Bangalore address as I got sms from Amazon (less than 24hrs!!!). But till now he doesnt even bother to inform me about the delivery :cool:.

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Some ppl criticise Oneplus for its poor marketing practices, I dint understand this earlier, but seeing the kind of silly puzzles it wants ppl to play on facebook in order to get an invite is damn stupid.

Xiaomi seems more logical in this regard, it just conducts flash sales (come first and get it).


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Moto X play or the OnePlus two?
I booked the moto x play 2 days ago and today I got a OP2 invite :? , the moto x play wont be shipped for another 2 days I can still cancel it, I'm not sure if I should go for One plus or not, quite confused actually ....:-?


Took Off!!!
Got it at last :lol: , ordered on 24th September got it today (26th Sept). Amazon India you guys are awesome :cool:, delivered in less than 48 Hours!! Got the Op2 and a tempered glass screen protector, though I wouldn't have got the screen protector if I knew a screen guard comes pre-applied...

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I have decided not to go for the OP2 right now.
Anyone looking for an invite PM me.
[MENTION=48113]Utkarsh2008[/MENTION] - Do let me know if you're still looking for invite. Around 8 hrs remaining on mine now.
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