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^ thats true .... 3.2' of screen real estate wasted with 4 icons ... a scrolling contact bar and atleast 5 shortcuts ... but are we asking for too much ... lets see ... we'll soon find out ....

one theory i read at a blog was that this is to diff between 5530 and 5800 ... 5800 wid better hardware while the 5530 with kinetic scrolling and a practical UI ....


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S40 have a shortcut button...SE mobiles have a shortcut dedicated have side scrolling shortcut bar...comon nokia do something:sad:

did someone found out any confirmation abt v40???


^ nobody's got a confirmation ... 5800 users in hope are looking everywhere .... a single blog about firmware upgrade spreads like wildfire ...


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Nokia Remote Lock data protection: *

lock the phone, SIM and memory by sending one SMS from another phone.


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Guys why not mod the homescreen yourself..? Its better than using crap third party apps..
Modders have succeeded to port 5530, Samsumg Omnia I8910HD and SE Satio homescreens to our 5800. :D:D



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They are not telling true speed.....! I used to check the clock of 5320 with xplore and it also showed the same....but i know its 369mhz....and now latest xplore shows correct try xplore...!


^ the speed is 369mhz ... firmware upgrade to v31 and above will bump up the proc speed to 434mhz ... dont worry wat the apps say .... s60v5 at 192mhz would be a total crawl


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Just bought one today from Binary Systems Trivandrum for Rs. 13,900/-.

The N97 Mini just arrived at the store today. Would have loved to get it, but the price being quoted is Rs. 29,300/-, which is way too high for me.
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you guys want the latest firmware without going to the nokia showroom or waiting, just change your product code and update your 5800 ... I just got the vodafone v31 ... its brilliant ...


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Hi All,

Can anybody suggest some optimum settings for converting video for 5800?
I dont want the best quality, just a balance between size and quality
Is it possible to convert a 700 MB dvd rip to a filesize of 300-350 mb with ok to good quality? if possible what program to use and what settings?


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people, is the v31 upgrade available through the fone itself? I mean through, *#0000# and then Check for Updates? I don't seem to get it from there.
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