Office 2007 sp1 ready for download today

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Today sp1 ships. hurray. It's not up there yet but should be later today. Also the kb articles for each patch don't seem to be live at this moment but should also appear later on today. Looking down the list of fixes, here are some that caught my eye (read the whitepaper for the full list):
  • Communicator won't let you IM a distribution list any more for security reasons
  • Icons for presence have been modified so that red/green colour blind people can tell the difference between available and busy by looking at the icon rather than the text next to it
  • That Excel bug with 65,534 getting shown as 100,001 is fixed
  • SharePoint works on Windows Server 2008
  • AJAX supported on SharePoint for web parts
  • Outlook delays with opening large psts eliminated
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