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OEM Version

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The problem is that you can only get the OEM version bundled with a new computer! It is not to be sold separately.


And you cannot install it on your upgraded PC, infact OEM is valid only for the PC it was sold with, you cannot upgrade hardware and keep the OS.
Absolutely no problems.

But consider this -

Unlike retail, OEM's don't come with colourful boxes and detailed manuals and CD's. And like aadipa said, the license is non transferable. It's tied to the hardware it came with. I think Windows activation deletes all records after 120 days. So if you do a major hardware upgrade, you should be fine reactivating as long as the previous activation was done before 120 days.

More info here - http://www.microsoft.com/licensing/default.mspx



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hey i am using an OEM version of Win XP home SP2 ... i bought it separately and i am using an assembled pc .. before purchasing it i had talked with the microsoft connect people and they had assured me that OEM version can also be used if u upgrade ur hardware (without any time limit) ...they just told me i will be able to use it only on one pc at a time... is that true or not ? if i upgrade my comp will i be stuck without being able to activate it ?


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just a small thing to add. OEM CDs unlike the retail ones, can be used only on that machine. I mean, U can Dell CD's only on a Dell Machine.

@Mohit: U got a rite information. Even u upgrade the hardware, u will be able to activate ur copy of windows.
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