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Nokia prepares to bite Apple

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Nokia has set out its objective to be the service of choice for consumers looking to organise and access social networks and content from mobile devices and PCs.
Announcements at Nokia World 2007 have clearly laid down the gauntlet to other players in the content and access arena, and Apple in particular.
Mike Grant, head of broadband and media at Analysys, said that Nokia is accelerating its shift from device manufacturer to integrated end-to-end consumer service organisation.
The handset giant's 'Comes with Music' service, which offers 12 months' free access to the Nokia music catalogue, is a clear challenge to Apple's success in integrating music with mobile communications.



Yo man Nokia rocks ,Nokia has just enterd the world of the online music nd is getting good sucess!!!!!!!!!!


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From the thread title, what I thought was this:


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Lol lucky star..did yöü do it...awesome.

Ok when was did apple came into war- with nokia?
Its not even close to the battlefield..


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isn't that the N-Gage platform (revived for entertainment platform). online store and N-series app
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