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Nokia N8 hits Indian shelves tomorrow, for Rs. 26,259


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Snagged one just now from Binary Systems, Trivandrum. MRP 25,000.

Exchanged for my 11-month old 5800XM (for which I got 6K off from the N8 MRP).

Great looking phone, and very responsive.

Best part for me is that almost all my apps that I had on the 5800 came over and are working flawlessly on the new OS, so that transfer has been a largely painless process.

One other great thing is that all the beautiful 3rd party themes I had on the 5800 were also transferred and are still working on the N8, and they look great, with stylish icons and stuff.
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I got n8 for 24k.great phone compared to galaxy.superb camera.battery life superb.go for it.I will give you a complete review soon.


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Congrats Rohan ! How do you like the camera on the phone? I'm loving the awesome wide angle images from it.
Btw , what is everyone using to share the images ?


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Mobile's camera cant replace digital dedicated camera due to weight / size limitations.

good camera should have large sensor, large lens, good flash. all these would add to size / weight of mobile.

Actually , the N8 has the biggest sensor ever in a mobile , bigger than many point and shoot cameras. It also has a Xenon flash ! SO it can very well replace a digi cam.


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Yes it is sluggish but not that any Nokia user can feel. It is better than any handset ever launched by Nokia...but it is still miles behind Wave, Desire, Galaxy S, iPhone 4 and other popular handsets when it comes to responsiveness. :(


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If you've got the N8, then please post some pics taken from its camera. :)


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I think coz of hardware Acceleration it can play contents smoothly...it was the main reason y core player and smartmovie didnt run on 5800


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I think coz of hardware Acceleration it can play contents smoothly...it was the main reason y core player and smartmovie didnt run on 5800

Yeah. Core Player & Smart movie are no longer needed with Symbian^3 phones. Each Symbian phone will at least support Broadcom BCM2727 & the new video core which supports extendability with more codec.

You can also connect any Symbian^3 device with your PC running Windows Vista/Windows 7(preferred) & simply drag and drop a video to the device or sync by Windows Media player. This will automatically convert the video optimized for your phone & copy.

Who told you post in threads other than the one we are fighting on?

I am not discussion about N8 or other platforms, but just the feature set of N8.


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22.5k is great price for N8. And its camera is not just good its simply exceptional for a mobile device. Keep waiting for ages for such camera to arrive on other devices specially ones from HTC :)


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^^it will soon come under 20~21k in next 3months.....
& Nokia is really focusing on Camera for NSeries...first N82 then N8 & then only N....

@yogi7272: pls post a review of N8...coz u have posted many Nokia Nseries reviews here.....
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