Nokia N70 Vs N90 Vs N91 Vs SE K750i

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I'm looking at buying a phone with good camera, media player, FM Radio, Speakerphone with Mute function...

Can those who have Nokia N series (N70 / N90 / N91) or SE K750i or a better model provide your feedback and suggestions on buying that model?


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N91 has everything you could ask for. From 3G to a 4GB memory to Wi-Fi and 2 MP camera. That's your best bet. Should get it for around 27k.


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Ok here you go:
1.Nokia 3250: Excellent loudspeakers,the best which is implemented in Nokia sets yet,and swivel mechanism.Not to mention the latest Symbian OS.
2.Nokia 6270/6280:Go for 6280,if you want 3G facility.
Else,go for 6270,with 2MP camera,3D stereophonic speakers,sliding keypad design.
3.N91:Ofcourse,the best you can lay your hands on.The Nokia's N-pod!! Rest you know about it. ;)
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