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Nokia 6300 vs SE w700i

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pathiks said:
dude 6300 has just as much "wide" support as the w700i.. its a s40v2 fone... only java apps

u r right only java appz....bus if for a gamer...its do support symbian games...which means a lot...okies..

I thnk then 6300 is far bettrer than w700


Don't know how but many people seem to have got this wild idea that 6300 is a Symbian smartphone.


i'll say the w700i.the only plus point of the 6300 is its screen(and slim form factor,if u count that as well)...in every other aspect w700i wins hands down.one more option which u can have a look at is the new k550i.its even better than w700i with better sound quality and a 2mp camera and it sure looks better than both th w700i and 6300 too.its cheaper than both of them. at 9k its a very good deal


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i bot a 6233 after much discussions with pathiks and infra red....and i am more thn pleased with it....

Some of my less techy guys asked why dont u go for 6300 but i saw much better specs in 6233....

The things i liked in it....

1)Great stereo speakers....argubably the best in mobiles
2)Awesome video recording--at 640*480 resolution which no cell below 30k can do......mind videos take lots of memory
3)Its 3G unlike 6300...tho we wont use thwm anyway
4)Connectivity it ahs infrared plus those in 6300...agree it is not req...
5)Great keypad....again argubably the best in mobiles...great for SMS freaks....

I also found some drawbacks in 6233 which i shud mention for a fair review...

1)Not so great looks....but my black model looks nice...no cal\mera lens cover...looks volatile to damage but i ahvent encountered any...no covers were used
2)packaging is not good....just 64 MB card and no data cable...

will update if i missd anything.....

Now its upto u to choose this or not ....if u find this at shops that is:D


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6300 looks worst than that reliance 1500 wala fone. nokia designers have gone nutts designing such "tuccha" looking phones.phone with such cheap looks is utter shame!
Well as far as i m concerned i wud suggest u to go for 6233 by far de best fone in 9k price range.W700i is also a pretty decent fone,NO NO to 6300 it sux big time,worst battery backup,gets hot if u talk for long(8-10mins).average cam,average music player,not a symbian(i kno neither 6233 or W700i r symbian but they hav other (+) points but this fone..juz Crap)!!


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yep e50 rox.. It suits my reqs perfectly.. But it isnt a multimedia fone.. 4 multimedia go 4 6233.. 4 os9.1 go 4 e50.. 4 both get a 5700
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