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nokia 5700 - SMS help - Tips & Tricks

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Broken In
Hi Friendz

Need ur input
1-> i have a nokia 5700
2-> Address book have over 500 entries
3-> Address book entries have multiple mobile and few landline numbers
4-> Need to send 1 SMS (my number has changed to XXXXXX , please update ur address book) to all the address book entries apart from landline numbers and generic numbers like service provider helpdesk

is there any quick way of creating a sms and selecting the complete address book... and later deselect a few numbers?????? + a option to select all or few or one mobile entry in address book for a particular contact...

any other way using PC + data cable... i can download the address book on PC ... import in outlook .. export to excel file... delete the numbers whom do not want to send sms .......... and then i am lost ...;-P

need tips from the mobile freak to do this stuff... selecting 500 entries on mobile is very tedious work....
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