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NOD32 Launches Beta Program for Integrated Security Suite

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This new product from ESET incorporates the next version of the NOD32 anti-malware engine with a personal firewall and anti-spam filter. The Public Beta 1 is now available for download.

Beta versions are not production versions and may be unstable. Do not install them on any computer which is used for critical tasks. In the event of a problem, you may need to reinstall the operating system and applications and restore the data from backups to regain use of the PC.


shud enthuse nod32 fans :D


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The new version is super. It is the most stable beta product which I have ever seen. The new version is having a new interface which is having a slight resemblance to the security center of windows. Try new version of NOD32, you can feel the difference.


The New Version is Really Superb.i am using NOD32 since it was launched and i felt it was the best compared to all others as its light on resources and has got nice detection rate:p

The ony new Feature is fast scan,Higher detection rate and its vista compatible;)



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i used thar security suite.
Its buggy and needs much refinement in firewall segment as compared to other established firewalls (ZA, Comodo etc.)

I gues NOD32 is better as a standalone antivirus.
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