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No Gaming Servers In India!!!


Broken In

Don't you think it sucks that we don't have any gaming servers in India,even for the most popular games. I get kicked of servers every day, ( Kicked,Reason: Sorry,you have high ping).:-x
Come on,If Singapore,a country the size of a golf course can have it's own servers,then why not the world's largest democracy?

I think it's mainly because we Indians never do anything for anybody but ourselves.

Maybe we could start some Digit Servers? You know,with a little help from everybody...

Digital Fragger

A Functioning God
In what games are you being kicked ?

CS 1.6 and CS:CZ - Lots of servers
Bf3 - there are couple of servers, atleast one server is full all the time.
Cod 4 - Atleast 10 Indian servers are always on. even in mw3 you do find low ping lobby, though not often.
Tf2 - There should be a reddit india server, i'm not sure if it is still on.
Dota - go garena

In other games we can't expect much.
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