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No display, No beep issue - i7 3rd Gen


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My friends system isn't booting up. No POST, no display, no beep sound.
Case fan, CPU fan, motherboard LEDs are working. Error code shows 14, which is something to do with LAN. Tried google, same issue and same board had this issue, but didn't seem like they found a solution.

His config,
3rd Gen i7
Intel Z77BH-55K
2 sticks of RAM
2 Bluray drive
Gigabyte 650w Bronze PSU
CM ATX case

It was working fine till the last shutdown, then the next morning the issue started.
I tried the following troubleshooting,
Removed CMOS battery and checked, issue didn't clear.
Removed all HDD, ODD, RAM sticks --- No beep, No display, No POST
Thought I can try with my PSU instead of his, but I have to disassemble everything to get my PSU out as the CPU power wire is going under the motherboard. Since I don't have enough time to do this, I tried his PSU in my system, it worked fine. So my guess it's not PSU.
Used eraser to clean RAM sticks and put it back, still the same. No beep, POST, display.

I would have tried few more things, if had time. Like,
Bench test
Remove CPU heat sink and checked the CPU if it's heating up when I switch on the computer.
Try it with my PSU
Look for any burns or distorted capacitors or any damage.

My guess is it's either board or CPU.

What else I can try before suggesting him to take it to a computer repair shop?
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