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NFSMW problem...

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aka. ViKiD?
i have a...
3 ghz dual core processor..
orig. intel 945 gntl mobo..
1 GB DDR2 533 mhz ram..
an a ge force 7800 GTX..512 MB PCIE..

the prob is that wheh i deleted my older profile (completely finished).and created a new one ...i started havin framin problems wid the game i defeated blacklist no.15 and 14...and after the problem the game started framin a lot durin races sometimes it even stops for 1 min..freezes sound is dere..i have all the latest drivers and patches for every component in my sys..and the game is also original....pz help (coz it sometimes gets too irritatin,..)...earlier it used to work fine wid all the details turnes on(V-sync too)..res is 1600x1200 ......
someone hlp..


Right off the assembly line
hey i have the same prob first..my PC is AMD 3800+ duel core.64 bit.with 1 GB DDR RAM & 7900GT.Try it again by restarting ur pC .I have the prob first but now its removed....
Not open for further replies.
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