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How does TDF look with the new look?

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damn busy...
but i think its sumwhat better than the previous look. but forums r meant to b light and simple so that it remains speedy and fun to surf, half of the fun gets spoiled when it takes ages for the page to load


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I have used amitava82's forum theme + tarey_g's adblocking extension and the resultant page is eye-soothing!



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I can count 11 flash blocks on this page. Thank god flash is blocked on my browser. #nuffsaid

I normally don't block ads, but this was too much. Blocked them all with opera's content blocker.

I like the new look but they are still using the old stylesheet that makes it ridiculously hard to distinguish a hyperlink.


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The design is good (even though it is a complete rip-off of the CNET site design) but the sheer number of ads on the page is mind boggling.
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