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New phone for friend !!! (15k max)


Ambassador of Buzz
1. Budget?
15k(maximum,not flexible!!!)
2. Display type and size?
min 3.2 inches
3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip?
4. Preferred choice of brand?
any brand will do..the product should be good!!!(but no indian cos. like micromax,spice,etc.)
5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type).
6. What camera option you want? Please specify need for flash, autofocus, front facing camera.
The camera quality should be good...atleast fixed focus and atleast 3.2 mp...
flash,AF and secondary camera are bonuses

7. Preferred operating system? (Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows Phone etc).
8. Preferred connectivity options (3G, Wifi etc)Please specify clearly.
3g,wifi,bluetooth .. nfc not needed
9. Preferred applications (Flash, Swype, GPS, etc)?
10. Primary use of handset (multimedia, camera, mails, internet, gaming etc)?
11. Any specific mobile phones in consideration?
12. Any other info that you want to share
The functionality matters..the brand doesnt!!!


In the zone
Can't even increase your budget by just 1-1.5k ?
If yes go for Sony Neo V :) ...its far better than what will you get at 15k :p

Android 2.3 upgrade able to android 4.0
5mp camera with flash
0.3 mp front camera
3.7 inch screen
1 GHz Scorpion Processor
HD Recording
Expandable Storage Capacity of 32 GB
Capacitive Touch with Mobile Bravia Engine for its awesome display.
Graphics : Adreno 205
Memory : 512 MB
Supports 7.2 Mbps HSDPA 3G connection for a fast internet browsing.
Adobe Flash support.
HDMI port and Wifi-Hotspot.
Awesome quality music with xLOUD Engine Audio Filter Technology which enhances the sound.


Right off the assembly line
you can check out the following:
1. SE live with walkman: Its below 15K
2. Motorola Defy Plus
3. SE Xperia U: Non expandable memory
4. Samsung Galaxy Ace/Plus: I own it and its good. Screen is HVGA but good enough for normal use.

I suggest you walk into some store like Croma, etc and check out all the options. Get a feel of the cell, use it for sometime and then decide.



Just increase your budget a lil bit by just 1-2k, then you will have very good options like Neo V, One V, Desire S.Among which One V is the best option and if secondary camera is necessary then go fot Neo V or Desire S
Or if you strictly want a phone within 15k then you can get Sony Live With Walkman for 12.5-13k


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its not for me ... its for my friend...
SE LWW is a good option ...
what abt SE xperia mini pro???
and is it true that sony's service is bad in india and is its build quality bad???


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^^ 3" with QWERTY. err, why not check Motorola Defy+? it has bigger screen.

Xperia Mini build quality is good but looks fragile.


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i suggested defy plus too.. but that guy want a samsung galaxy ace plus which according to me is not worth the money...

how about moto fire xt???


I won't suggest Def+ as its screen is not that good and also Motorola is just vanishing from the Indian market, the have closed many of their service centers and all the moto stores.
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