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New Macs released!

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The recent MacWorld Expo released all that I wanted. And some I didn't as well!

They've just about updated everything.

There is a new iWork which includes Pages 2 and Keynotes 3. Maybe it is ready to compete with Office for Mac.

iLife 6 gets a new addition called iWeb. Used for blogging and basically stuff that would get your content published on the web.

The best part was when came....Here's an excerpt from the engadget.com log:

1:10 PM - An Intel clean-room-suit guy walks out of a cloud of smog with a 12" silicon wafer and says, "Steve I want to report that Intel's ready. " Takes off his his helmet -- it's Paul Otellini Intel CEO.

1:10 PM - Steve: "Well, I can report that Apple's ready too"

1:11 PM - "We've worked nights, weekends to make this happen in record time. [to Paul] I want to thank you..."

1:12 PM - Boilerplate keynote act here except for when Paul quotes Bob Noyes, the forgotten Intel cofounder, "Don't be encumbered by history." They shake hands. We've got the camera locked and loaded.

1:12 PM - "So ... today we are gonna roll out the first Mac with an Intel processor."

And that's when he unveils the iMac with Intel Core Duo. Its got a 2Ghz Dual Core processor. The design, price and almost everything else remains the same.

Then he also releases the MacBook Pro which replaces the PowerBook. It has got an Intel Core Duo as well. Performance increases upto 4x....let's see about that.



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O yes i also totally agree with tht it is gonna be a apple year and if it so thn it will be intel's also.lookin forward to first hand reviews of mac pcs and thn decide which one 2 go for wen my xams r over!!!
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