New Laptop


Right off the assembly line
I need a LAPTOP with following configurations:

Intel Core i3 / i5
3 GB / 4 GB Ram
320 GB / 500 GB Hard Disk
512 MB / 1 GB Graphics Card
15.6 Monitor
Free Dos

Please tell model and Price
Sony vpceb14en or go to dell website for the same configuration..price 35-37k including windows 7 HB or HP.

If you're looking for a dos version, try the acer models for 32-34k.

I personally recommend the Sony VPCEB14EN..
Intel Core i3 2.13ghz
3 GB
320 GB
512 MB Graphics Card
15.5 Monitor
Windows 7 HB (64bit)
9Cell battery (upto 3 hours)
Nice layout and comfortable keyboard!


Right off the assembly line
Thanks for your reply..

And what about the Sony Vaio repair cost as compared to Dell after warranty. Is it same..?
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