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new laptop queries

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Well i have a tight budget of 35000 for a new laptop...I like the core 2 duo but since my budget is crammy,i am thinking of amd x2 turion based laps...how good are the amd x2s compared to core 2 duos and dual core laptops..
one lap i am looking at is this one http://compareindia.in.com/specification/laptops/compaq-presario-cq45112au/42691
Do u have any alternate suggestions...
My uses are mainly websurfing,office apps,Fifa 2009 gaming.....and some other little things...


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hmm.. its a good choice considering ur budget... i think it will giv u a decent performance.. BUT the video memory is shared (as i think its onboard and NOT a dedicated (separate)gpu)..so gaming (fifa09) wud be at the lower settings..

BUT to alert u b4 hand, Compaq lappys hv got sum serious Compatibility issues (wich the Compaq ppl wont tell u, as is the case with many troublesome brands/products)...

i dunno if the lappy's compatibility issues hv been solved or no.. but Compaq lappys go DEAD (non workable, like a piece of crap) after 1 year..so if u hv plans of changing the lappy after a year then (as of now, jus for the sake of getting a taste of a lappy (if u are new to laptops)..) get a Compaq lappy..

else, if u are already well versed with lappys, then a trusted brand is DELL.. (HP is also good).. :)

Cheers n e-peace...
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