New Firefox extension for ORKUT

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Right off the assembly line

This is an extension which i developed for Firefox .. the first version got excellent reviews from Mozilla foundation... this is the second version ..


Join this community to learn more about it ..

Direct Link to Download :


Friend online alerter , Scrap lerter , send scraps in other languages, chat , secret scraps.. and many more which i cant listout here..

It is in BETA version .. please let me knw any problems.. u face
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Dark Overlord !!!
EXCELLENT WOTK MATE !!!! :) :) REALLY GR888888888888 WORK !!! Be sure to release updates for this excellent extension as newer versions of FF creep up !!! Thanx again :):)


Cyborg Agent
I liked the extension and hope that u will keep on this good work. And hope that u will never use it steal personal details


Broken In
Hello , Nishanth the extension is approved by Mozilla Foundation , they have checked the code and gave the security/performance certification.So, dont worry abt stealing personal details......


Right off the assembly line
You may be alredy knowing that Orkut is banned in corporate networks these days.
To access ppl you (don't know how long it will last).
The extension does not work in this case.
It will be nice if you give option to change the URL somewhere.



Broken In
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