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New Cabinet!!!


Broken In
Elite 430 is good ,it provides you decent cooling and it is also cool in design unlike source elite 210.The only negative of 430 is there is no cable management.You can go for CM K380 as suggested by @INcinerator but it can support only upto 4 fans(120mm) whereas elite 430 can have 6 fans inside it (6 120 mm fans or 5 120 mm and 1 140 mm fan).
Choice is yours.
I would say go with CM cabinet in this price range as they have decent looks.I own elite 430 and it is awesome.Cooling is also good.It comes with only 1 front 120 mm fan.I bought 5 more fans for extra cooling.


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Thanks for the suggestions but the NZXT Source 210 Elite fails to impress in looks. Now i have three choices

1. BitFenix Merc Alpha
2. CM Elite 430
3. NZXT Gamma

All look good to me, just want your opinion on which has better cable management and cooling.


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^^K380 really looks great for the price. It should be in your top priority list imo.


" It'S iN tHe GaMe..."
^^ I totally overlooked that. It does look great. Are the colling options nice?? and is the side panel transparent?? I saw two images- one transparent and one closed.

The Incinerator

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Stay away from CM 430 no cable management options. It reminds me of Antec 900 days..."get a dremel"!!!!!! nonsense. You will be in the same position " Hanging Cables". Get K380 instead.
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