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this is a unique prob in my life. plz help..

i got a new sony vaio notebook from uk, config : centrino 1.73, 512 ddr, 100 gb hdd, dvd-writer, geforce go with 128mb 15.4'' wide screen with built in lan, modem & intel 802.11g wireless network adapter.

i connect this notebook to a hub in my office having 8 computers on wired LAN. i configured the ip addr, subnet, gateway ( for shared dsl internet) & dns server & workgroup. both gateway & dns are server addr. OK, Now i can't see this notebook from other networks nor i can see other computers from this notebook. i removed gateway & dns ( simple network), still it doesn't show up. BUT i can surf internet when i configured gateway & DNS.

I bought 2 USB WIRELESS-G Network adapters (linksys).
I put one of them in my office & one in my home desktop. configured the usb adapter to be in ad-hoc mode. fine bot computers get paired i.e get connected everything fine, shared internet works... BUT STILL I CAN'T SEE MY OTHER COMPUTERS, nor the single comp in my home. I want to share files & printers b/w all my systems.

if i ping the server ( from my noteboook, it is fine i.e 0%loss.
but if i ping the addr of my notebook from any pc its 100% loss.

the messg is : SEPL (my workgroup name) is not accessible. You might not have permissions to use this network resource. contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. List of servers for this workgroup is not currently available.

my notebook has windows xp home sp2, all desktop systems hav xp pro with sp1a( all autopatcher installed-aug'04,jan05,mar05,apr05).
i hav disabled firewall in my notebook as well as in my desktop.

some one said, add the ip addr & comp name in the desktop sytem in hosts file. tried that too.

got a solution. plz help me.



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if i ping the server ( from my noteboook, it is fine i.e 0%loss.but if i ping the addr of my notebook from any pc its 100% loss.

Though I am nothing like a networking g33k, but I think I can tell something about this. This is probably due to any firewall installed. For details read my post in the thread "IP address" in this section.



Have you also disabled the windows firewall?Have you configured WORKGROUP the same for all?
Try accessing the share from run prompt


What does this yield?
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