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Netflix launches in India, HD Starts at 650/month (Same US pricing)



The TroubleShooter!
For comparison: Notice the difference in picture quality..

Netflix (FULL HD):

DeejayAhmed (FULL HD) rip:


some shows are only 480p.
Can you tell me which are those shows?
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Wise Old Owl
Youtube has good optimization here, I can stream 480p easy with 1mbps. At night with 6mbps I can stream 1080p.

My local operator is upgrading me to Hathway, 10mbps. Maybe I'll look into netflix then.

Yes, I'm also highly satisfied with YouTube's optimisations. I'm on a 1Mbps connection & can stream 480p content, which is viewable, easily.


The TroubleShooter!
To be honest,

20,30 or 50Mbps with

100Gb for normal usage
250Gb for Media addicts (1-2 people)
500Gb for FHD addicts (4-5 people) Currently.

It should be 2x in the next 3years.


The Vagrant Seeker
Amazon Prime Video is a worth a competitor to Netflix in India and that too for 999/year :p

499/year initially, isnt it? didnt know amazon prime video is a service like NF.

anyway, brother revealed y'day that he already has an account with NF. checked it. the collection really didnt impress me. also, movies played in low-quality and time to begin playing for some was taking long.

surya kumar

Broken In
I don't think so it'll get that much acceptance because of cheap speed Internet and the price matters in India much.

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Netflix stocks stumbles when rumors went that Alibaba quashes investment Netflix...
Netflix stock stumbles as Alibaba quashes investment rumors - Yahoo India Financ
Later Alibaba spokesman Bob Christie told Reuters on Friday that they are not investing in Netflix it just rumors.
Christie was responding to market rumors about a possible deal between the Chinese e-commerce company and the U.S. video service.
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