Needed your help with deciding on a format for my next indie game


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Hi guys. I am an indie game developer and I am in the planning stage for my next PC game. The format of the game is new and I would like some opinion on it. My game will be mainly story driven. Basically, I want to split my game up into episodes and seasons and release it like a TV show, one episode per week. What do you think of this format? It would be tremendously helpful if you could visit this survey which has detailed options about the format
Video game research Survey.(Click here)
and answer it there as well so that I can get a neat graph of the results.


Good idea but app success will depend on TV show's popularity.


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Personally I feel, a single game would work good if you can make it interesting for the gamer. If at all you want to go for episodes, max episodes should be 4-5 with each having an hour or two of content.

Its not necessary to have each EP equal, you might as well make say the last long for proper story cover up. Anyways, all the best.
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