Need to buy Computer Cabinet - HPTX form factor from my little monster EVGA SR-2


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Hi guys,

My EVGA SR-2 arrived. Now, the big problem. The motherboard is very huge. I am unable to fit in normal Cabinet.

Please suggest me some FULL TOWER or ULTRA TOWER Cabinet for my gig. HPTX Form Factor

I searched online in few stores. There are my options:

Cosmos II - This is out of stock.

Cooler Master Cosmos II Black | Cabinet |

Xigmatek Elysium :
Xigmatek Elysium Black CCC-HSA0DS-U01

Lina - li :
lina li pc-80

I am thinking of buying it from any stores in Delhi or Online. Guide me with prices and specs.


Right off the assembly line
Thank you for suggesting SMC international.

Can someone tell me other related models pls.


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Btw how many drives are you planning to use? Coz the cosmos has the lower compartment where you can put your hdds. So you aren't sacrificing anything, you just need to be smart with cabling
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