Need to buy a new phone ASAP, need advice


Broken In
I need to buy a new phone. My budget is around 12k, which can be stretched as per variable requirements.

Here's what i need

  1. Smartphone
  2. QWERTY preferred,something of the classic communicator types preferred
  3. NO NOKIA at all (my last Nokia's after sales service made me a popular person with all Nokia's centre in ncr, they had even stopped generating a jobsheet to save their track record, even faced 5 formats/fixes a day)
  4. Something that supports all applications. A friend of mine because of low RAM i her phone has issues launching applications in her entry-level HTC(dont remember which model, but its of the explorer/wildfire types). Since i'm into coding by profession(iOS, Android, Java), i need a phone where i can use any app designed for its platform without any memory issues

Waiting for your responses, since my last phone has died, and i need a new phone ASAP
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