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Need suggestions for high end laptop

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Hello Digiters,

This is my first day here so not so sure if this is the right area to post.
Anyway's moderators can take care of moving, sorry for my mistake if i commited any. :)

Coming to the point, I need a high end performance based 64 bit supporting laptop.
I am a video and animation designer and need to render high resolution video, I use Adobe After Effect and premiere softwares to create graphical content.

The regular laptops are of no use to me, the speed is like tertle but i need a laptop of rocket speed. No brand from compaq to lenovo offers a search or category facility where i can get a particular recommendation as per my requirement.

So I want to ask you geeks to suggest me a particulat machine which should have a 64 bit capability, large memory for storage and enough RAM and high end graphics card to support my work.

Best Regards,
Amol Bharti


any input on prices in india for both?
on what basis is this recommendation ?

Amol Bharti


am sorry i forgot to mention that i had purchased two laptops earlier. Lenovo and Dell Inspiron 6400, Lenovo was good but not satisfing and Dell became crap after an year. Dell has bad quality material used in inspiron and they are not easily reachable for any maintenance etc. So Dell Big No No, Lenovo less feature and not a single stable model i have ever came acroos. Every day i listen people sobbing on purchasing dell and lenovo.

Any other suggestion would be appreciable, I am sorry to mention the above facts in first go.

also i can get 10 times better configuration for same cost from alienware 'a dell company i doubt on news' XPS is using Intel® Centrino® Processor Technology - Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T8300 no way i don't need this at all. something more powerful is already in the market.
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You cannot get Alienware sitting here in India unless you ask someone to import it for you from the US. Dell is the only one here making high end laptops. Toshiba makes high-end laptops but they are not available in India. I had bought my Toshiba satellite X205-S9800 from the US only. Lenovo/HCL/Vaio's laptops with the high end configurations as required by you are not available in India. So that leaves you with Dell only.


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get laptop from Alienware if budget is not a big factor... its awesome and most of the design house use it as well....

i work in 3d and want to buy the same for me...


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recently I bought HP Pavilion DV6767TX for 50 K .
Intel Core 2 duo, 250GB HDD,15.4 widescreen, NVidia 256 MB GeForce 8600 GS, Remote Control, Memory card reader, lightscribe drive,bluetooth ....etc


OK so finally after a lot of R&D I have bought HP Pavilion dv5-1120tx Entertainment Notebook PC (FZ740PA) for Rs/- 65000 from EZone Pune. Guys I know the price i gave is little higher then other places in india but in Maharashtra you gotta pay 1000 bucks extra because of government taxation policies.

Anyway, checkout the specifications: http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/in/en/ho/WF06b/321957-321957-3329744-64354-64354-3744201-3818282.html

I think 15.4 screen is fine for adobe after effects but if you need 17 inc then you can buy 17inc flat monitor to have extra panel display. You can easily control it with Vista Home premium edition. I just love the speed of my system.

Another deal is that If money is a problem and you want 17 inc monitor plus the same above specification in your notebook then go for AMD processor. Checkout the following link for HP Pavilion dv5-1104ax Entertainment Notebook PC (FZ724PA) with AMD 64 bit.
http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/in/en/ho/WF28a/321957-321957-3329744-64354-64354-3744201-3814518.html I hope you will get this machine for less then 50k plus you can buy a nice flat monitor for 15 k. What a deal.

You know what if you go for the second deal that i mentioned You have one big big advantage.

1. You don't need to sacrifice with system configuration because it is almost same.
2. You get a chance to have some experience with AMD
3. You get a flat big monitor as extra panel cause you saved money.
4. This machine comes up with inbuilt NVidia Geforce 9600 and 512 video memory as well as inbuilt Tv Tuner Card. So you can watch movies on the bigger flat screen.

Processor is latest, You got 320 GB disk, plus if you buy from EZone then you get 2 GB thumb drive free + Tour and Travel package in india + you get an assured gift of price 3 - 5 k and you can select any thing like super dolby speaker system or microwave for free. Hey your Ezone executive will try to charge you 1100 extra for HP leather bag. Here you can negotiate with him. They will give you 50 % discount so you can get the bag for 550 bucks.

What else you want. Never ever go for DELL because after an year it's going to be crap. Me, my brother and my friends have bad experience with Dell. Dell gives you good looking machines for less price but with hell a lot of vunerabilities. There are not enough service centers too. What a **** deal with Dell.

Best Regards,
Amol bharti.


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You spent Rs. 65k for doing graphical work on something which has a screen resolution of 1280*800? Your money would have been better spent on getting an SXGA/WSXGA display.

Good luck! You're gonna need it.


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I have a HP-Compaq Presario F700 just 6 months old Still in warranty.


AMD Dual Core 64X 19 00 , 1 GB Ram, 120 GB HD SATA, WEB CAM,Wireless In built,

integrated Nvidia Graphics Card, 4 in Card reader, 15.4 inch WXGA LCD,

Windows Vista Ultimate Genuine Free..

cost is also good so hurry


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