Need suggestion for RAM !!!

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Hello frnds,
I want to buy new Corsair TWIN2x4096-8500C5 4GBKit (1066MHz)
Can this RAM will support my P35 chipset mobo ASUS P5K Premium??
and most important question can you tell me where I can find these rams in New Delhi??plz reply

Speed Rating - PC2-8500
Tested Speed
- 1066MHz
Size - 4GB Kit (2 x 2GB)
Tested Latency
- 5-5-5-15
Tested Voltage - 2.1
Performance Profile - EPP
SPD Speed - 800MHz
SPD Latency - 5-5-5-18
Package - 240pin DIMM
Fan Included - No
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Out of curiosity, purpose of the rams? I had issue installing these rams on p35 chipset board but that was an asus so its pretty much expected. Why not grab g skills 800mhz pi black cl4 latency rams? You can oc them upto 1000mhz and maybe a bit more on cl5ish latencies. Just so that I let you know, with those psu, things are bound to get bad. Its best if you think about changing the psu before even putting anything new.

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oh wow...Xenforo!!!
^^Obsolete is the word- said it before and it will still be the fact. I don't see why should one pick up an obsolete product or even use one for a c2d range. People always overshadow the fact that no matter which power supply you have, it will always die eventually. The quality of the entire unit is what keeps it alive for a long time and makes sure it doesn't damage the hardware when it has outlasted its usefulness.

Just who is recommending such stuff without even doing a basic research >_>?
You get gigabyte superb 460w for 2.2k and vx450 for 4k pretty easily now with seasonic s12 380w maybe coming between these 2. If the OP doesn't to have any further potential damage, change to a better psu, run stress testing softwares like OCCT for 6-10 hours or better yet intel img burn test for 1 hour to see if the system is stable on load, Bench the card using cinebench 10 and then get the rams and be done with it. Serious 5850 with cm 500 extreme? Dude either you have a lot of money to waste on hardware or you're just not doing basic research in the first place.
As for the psu, stick to antec EA 430, corsair vx450 or a seasonic s13 380. As far as the psu are concerned, its only the seasonic OEM units with long lasting components. Do note that when the psu deteriorates in time and usage, efficiency falls down too. I seriously doubt units like tagan 500u37 can even be 80% efficient on 450w on load.


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By the way went to Nehru Place. DDR2 1066 is not available at all. Nothing coming from the supply chain. On value kingston is available. And even if DDR2 1066 comes, it will be at 7K approximate. Damn...!
G-Skill and Corsair are the best choices, Else you can also go for OCZ or Patriot. Don't go for kingston or transcend, they are CHEAP KNOCKS!!!!!!
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