Need New Components

I Allready Got My PC just a week old now I need New Graphic card,cooler and Fans.

I have

CPU-Core i5 2500k
MB-MSI Z68A GD65(B3)
Ram-Gskill Ripjaw 4GB
HD- Segate 1tbX2
Case-CM Elite 430(W/o Side Panel)
PSU-Corsair CX600 V2
Monitor-Dell IN2020
Speaker-Creative SBS A335
Keyboard Mouse-Logitech MK200

Graphic Card -Geforce 9600 GT 1gb (Can It Be Used With The New One in Lucid i mode.)

My Budget is 15k for Graphic Card
5k For CPU Cooler.
1.5k For Fans.

Please Help
Don't Ask me to Fill The Template again


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Sapphire HD6950 2GB @13K

Corsair Liquid Cooler H60 @4.7K
CM CPU air cooler V6GT @3.9K

or, bvfm: CM CPU air cooler hyper 212+ @2.2K

CoolerMaster LED fans (color your choice) @ 4K each.


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Luking at ur monitor, i thnk wid msi 6850 cyclone@9.3k u can play almost al games at max settngs . If u wil upgrade ur monitor in feauture den sapphire 6950 tf3 pe@14k is highly recommended .
For cooler u can also go for noctua nhd14@4.7k

I Need Air Cooler For Cpu
Fans I require Are 5 X 120mm (5 Nos)No LED(Local Dealer Says 200 per Fan)

Graphics Should Be Nvidia


@Ayuclack: Get the GPU from SMC, cooler from theitwares & Fans from primeabgb

1). MSI 560ti Hawk - 13.5k or Asus 560ti DCII @13.7k. But go for MSI 6950 Twin Frozer III Power Edition @ 15k, as the overall performance of the 6950 is on par & complete VFM.

2). After Market Cooler : Noctua NH-C14 140mm x 2 SSO CPU Cooler @ 4.7k Sell your CX600 & fetch few thousand & get a Corsair TX750 v2 @ 6.5k [Much headroom for CF].

3). Case Fan : Scythe KAMA FLOW 2 120mm Case Fan @ 600 per piece
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Jaskanwar Singh

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I Need Air Cooler For Cpu
Fans I require Are 5 X 120mm (5 Nos)No LED(Local Dealer Says 200 per Fan)

Graphics Should Be Nvidia

actually seeing your psu - Corsair CX600 V2 Builder Series™ CX600 V2 — 80 PLUS® Certified Power Supply - Builder Series - Power Supply Units
it can provide at MAX 480w on 12v rail. and that too at ambient 30C.

so i am bit hesitating to suggest a nvidia card - MSI GTX560Ti HAWK

i will say get a MSI R6850 Cyclone Power Edition @ 9.3k. sufficient for your monitor resolution too.

or forget cooler. get a corsair tx650 v2 @ 5.3k and a msi gtx560 ti hawk @ 14.3k. you will have oc headroom too.

Jaskanwar Singh

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CX 600 is not even A Week old ..

that does not determine whether its good or not.

read this -
Corsair pulled one of the oldest tricks in the shoddy PSU book, and rated it at room temperature. Ok, a smidgen above room temperature. 30 degrees Celsius, vs. 40-50C for all their other power supplies. So by rating the CX600 at thirty degrees instead of forty or fifty they can squeeze out an extra hundred watts. For an estimate, I'd say that the CX500 is a DSA 450W, and the CX600 is a DSA 500W.

PSA: The Corsair CX series - -

now cx v2 is just a little tweaked v1 for efficiency.


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Jas, The CX V2 series has completely solved the problem of the high temp. Check this: Corsair Builder CX430 V2 430 W Review - Page 5/8 | techPowerUp.

Here is the quote from the review:-
As you can see the PSU worked flawlessly even at 52.1°C ambient and with full load, so we wonder why Corsair states 430W maximum wattage at only 30°C. Efficiency was constantly above 80% and peaked at 85.5% with 40%, of maximum rated capacity, load. Voltage regulation was surprisingly good, for the category that this PSU belongs to. At +12V and 5V is close to 2% and at 3.3V is a little above the 3% mark.

So I guess at 3K, CX500 V2 is actually a good choice. It also comes with 3 Yrs of warranty, compared to the 2 Yrs of older CX series.

Jaskanwar Singh

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oh i am wondering the same then -
so we wonder why Corsair states 430W maximum wattage at only 30°C

but still cilus compare cx500 v2 12 wattage with tagan stone rock 500 etc. and cx600 v2 with stonerock 600 or gs600

and see this -
Then we have the CX500 and CX600. Corsair reps have been interestingly tight lipped on these units, especially in regards to what platform they are based on. However, they appear to still be CWT DSA. A little research will show us that CWT DSA only goes up to 500W
PSA: The Corsair CX series - -

now cx v2 is based on same unit as cx v1
see this -
On Corsair PSUs - -


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^^ Jas, those explanations are very crude, I must say, basically the consclusion that V2 is based on V1 series. I've cheked the Jonnyguru review of CX430 V2 and they have given it 9/10 score. Check it here:- Corsair CX430 V2 430W Review

it is very much elaborate and the decesion is based on heavy testing.

Although Corsair has rated the operationg temp 30 degree C, same as the older CX series, the V2 series have shown very good high temp performance.

Jaskanwar Singh

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cilus cx430 has also got 9.
Corsair CX430 430W power supply Review

leaving this still compare wattage of similarly priced units like stonerock or saga II.

and look at corsair units like TX650 V2
Enthusiast Series™ TX650 V2 — 80 PLUS® Bronze Certified 650 Watt High Performance Power Supply - Enthusiast Series - Power Supply Units
max 12v wattage so near to overall rating.

but see cx v2. 480w for cx600 v2 and 408w for cx500 v2.

i dont know but still i dont find this good.

First off, a close look at the CX430 will tell you something interesting. The Corsair CX400 has a +12V rail rated for 30A. However, the 430W, presumably 30W more, has a +12V rail rated for 28A. Those 2A less means 24W less on the +12V rail, which is what really matters when it comes to "real" wattage.
PSA: The Corsair CX series - -


laborare est orare
Jas, all the reviews you're referring are for the older CX series and we all know they have lost of issues. I think CX V2 series has some serious rework and their warranty has also been inccreased to 3 yrs.
No review is available as of now for the CX 500 V2 and 600V2. That's why I'm taking CX430 V2 as reference.


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any special reason avoiding liquid cooling system

Ayuclack you should tell us that you are going to buy this kind of parts one can provide you better per your current configuration psu will provide power to all your parts...but in future may be you will buy another HDD then you will face power issues...

I asked the Corsair Company Head At Delhi ..He Told me The Difference and said that GS600 Wasn't Available
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