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Need help to buy a Bicycle.

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I used to drive a 1.5k Hero Trailblazer when I was in school.
Cmon man, 5k is too much for a cycle.
You can get a 3rd 4th hand Kinetic in that much.


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get a good bike with gears and delta frame with spring suspensions.

I plan to buy a bike too as am not much into motorcycle.


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get a raleigh england(is it manufactured still?) bicycle,it is the most comfortable.else buy a hercules one for less than 2K.for remaining money,go enjoy! :p


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I had a Top Gear EZY, served me well enough, it were 6x3.

Dark Star has one of those modern ones, I forgot what his model is, hopefully he should look by here.


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Go for this one:
Hercules Ultima Shox 6 Sp

Price: 4500


or this 18 speed one, if you can extend your budget to 1000 more.:
Hercules WOW


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Count Dracula said:
Oh man those cycles are sexy.Any Indian bike sites where they mention features,prices etc?
Did you care to go through those links??? These are Indian Hercules only
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