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Need help in choosing a career

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Whenever anyone questions me what career are you gonna opt for, I always reply "haven't thought of it yet"
Since this special educational thread has been created for those in need,I need your help guy,s to help me select a career.
It would be of great help if you guys highlight pro's and con's of every type of field like Software Engineering,Marketing etc and mention which career is in demand or link to some site which maybe of help.

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Yeah, tell us more about yourself- your hobbies,interests, strengths, weaknesses, talents etc.


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Well... first do let us know ur qualification and ur interest so tht we can suggest.
But personally I do believe tht, do pursue your career in the field in which you are passionate abt.
However, we can advice better once we get to know more abt ur area of interest & ur professional background. Do let us know....


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i m a student studying in class xii commerce n currently preapiring for my boards n after dat i m planning to continue my studies in da field of computer sciences so do i have do change my stream n learn phyics, chemistry or maths or i can continue doing dat fm my commerce stream i have taken ip as an optional subject pls help me
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ur already in 12th... commerce... so now a stream change is out of question mate... its common sense isnt it??? !!!...

Or if its just 11th start .u can change the stream to PCM with CS

Now to get into prgramming after commerce the way would be a MCA....
i dunno much abt commerce guys... but i think a UG degree with computers as option will set u on right track... ex. B.Com with computer applications..then MCA...

MCA grads have opportunities... not near good as engg though....

If u wanted computer science why did u opted for commerce in the first place??


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thank u for replying to my query
can u tell me wat r da fields available in computer field
wat all i can study without physics i can handle maths still bt not physics n chen pls tell me

u are a software engeneer so wat all u took in ur study life
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In first year you will have to study Physics and other basic engg. subjects. from 2nd yr onwards core computer science / IT related subjects gets started ;)

Rest sice you are in commerce field opt for BCA/MCA
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I cannot understand what are u talking about... ur grammar is really bad....

fields available in computer world??...

coding..testing... are the strarters...

phy and chem??....

well ur commerce so u dont need that..and u cantr go to Btech..so no need there too...
in MCA its just computer applications...
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