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Need help guys


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I was in party recently. Just writing down what happened there. Nothing is exaggerated there, it's what exactly happened.

The bouncer wouldn't let me get my bag from the room and would tell me to take it the day after. My keys and valuables (wallet, passport and other sensitive data) were in my bag. Quite unprofessional service in my opinion. May be an isolated occurrence but leaves a bad after taste and certainly keeps me from recommending this place to anyone else. I kept struggling for about an hour pleading to give my bag until I asked one of the stranger party goer coming out of the gate to get my bag. I don't remember who that person was but I am immensely thankful to him for that. May be you guys should at least try to help your customers a bit instead of not giving a hoot about them. Take few pointers from that complete stranger. First worst experience in Wellington. Good job guys ! You broke the combo. Sorry, but can't give more than 1 star for what happened there.

I am not sure if this thing was racially oriented but I do feel racial undertones in the behavior of bouncer. I chose not to play the race card in the review.

My request from you guys is to like that review so much that it exceed the like of that page itself. I know I cannot do anything more but at least this should stir something and prevent such future occurrences to other people and possibly forewarn too.

Here is the page.

There is only 1 review with Poor (1 star) rating with exact wordings as above. Request you to wield the power of social networking by liking that review if you don't mind :)
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