Need Feedback on DELL P2419H Monitor ?


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Hi Guys,

I have shortlisted 2 monitors Dell U2419H and Dell P2419H but I am in a dilemma !! I am more inclined towards buying the Dell U2419H but the price is going on increasing for it (Keeos changing on daily basis with local resellers) and kind of over stretching my budget, so my next shortlisted is the Dell P2419H model. But my only problem with it is, it has a thicker Bezel at the bottom of the monitor compared to the U2419H which has extremely thin bezels on all the four sides, almost like invisible bezels. But this model the P2419H model has thin bezels on all the threes sides, only at the bottom it has slightly thicker bezel. Which is kind of worrying me.

I wanted to ask anyone here who has the P2419H model does the thicker bezel at the bottom of the monitor not act as a obstacle in viewing I mean the whole concept of thin bezels on Monitor and TV came because it gives a very immersive experience. isn’t it ? So this thicker bezel on the Dell P2419H model is it a spoiler ? Does it still give an immersive experience while watching movies and videos ?

can anyone who has the P2419H model tell me about this ?



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I don't have either of the monitor and I don't think there would be an issue coz of slightly thicker bezel at the bottom.
I have S2319H and the bottom bezel is not acting as an obstacle.
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