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Need advice to buy a 1.5 ton AC


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Hellos Everyone !

Just joined forum yesterday. I Need AC for my room :

Length X Breadth X Height : 18 ft X 10 ft X 10 ft (with one 10 ft X 10 ft wall and rooftop exposed directly to sunlight)
windows : 6ft X 6 ft
Budget : 40k (Stretchable)
Usage : About 4 months only in summer for 10-12 hours per day

Room is poorly insulated. It becomes really hot. I measured temperature of walls and max temp was around 42 C
At same time room temp. was 40 C

I want an energy efficient Window/Split ac that can cool off my room.

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Get an Inverter and at your specified budget the Sharp AH-XP18MV is the the best option. You will find it within Rs 43K in shops after a bargain. Where are you located?

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Thats a ceiling mounted ACs,good if you have a false ceiling. Misubishi Electric and Heavy are good units with latter being even better but both have questionable after sales support.

The Sharp ACs have Mitsubishi Compressor ,though Im not 100% sure on this.


Right off the assembly line
Thanks for your input guys. I checked there is an elaborate thread on forum for this specific model no. " Sharp AH-XP18MV ". Will update u guys as soon as i get ac along with pics :)

In the mean while if anyone else stumble upon a better option do update it here.
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