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Need advice on new gaming cafe


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My friend is planning to start a new cafe exclusive for gaming at Vellore (TN). He wants to know the procedures involved, the licensing for starting the cafe.

1. License from the governing body - What and how?
2. Going to be steam oriented, is anyone aware if steam provides any specific cafe licenses? (I will also be visiting steam and its community)
3. PS4 - does providing PS4 require any license from Sony for use in a cafe?

He has a lot more questions, but the above are very critical.

Edit: I came across this while searching for the same: http://cis-india.org/internet-gover...n-the-it-guidelines-for-cyber-cafe-rules-2011. Hope it helps who wants to start a cyber cafe. Now, I need some info specifically to a gaming cafe (in TN).
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As far as government rules are concerned, i think they will be same for Cyber Cafes and Game Cafes. Gaming Cafe's aren't very common in India so no separate rules exist for them.
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