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Need a Wifi USB dongle (Adapter)


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I have 1 mbps mtnl broadband connection, on a Beetel 450 TC1 router. I want to connect net with second desktop computer 10-12m away. Which is a stable USB dongle/adapter for my configuration? Budget is around 9-1.2k


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A friend of mine bought one from Netgear (through ebay) for Rs. 900. He seems quite happy with it.


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Models from Belkin are also good...

Q:Can we use WIFI USB dongles in a desktop PC to create WIFI access points??


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Made a disastrous bad buy:-(
Bought the Asus Wl-167G V3 for 750 bucks from c2c. The damn thing does not work on my desktop just 6m away across a wall. It works fine when i use within 1-2m of the router though.

I wish i had stuck with the Asus N10 instead, which has a better MIDA antenna. Its also available for just 850 at ebay

Now need to buy a PCI Wireless card. Still hunting for a model which just WORKS


It works, albeit the router has to be placed atop the table or fixed to the wall. The N10 is definitely the better and safer purchase
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