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need a decent wifi file transfer for android

Which Wifi Transfer App is Best? (Multiple Choice Allowed)

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share it

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pc to android is only in pro
so back to airdroid

For computer to android or vice versa.. on same wifi network... use Airdroid... best app...
Or try some advance app like Pushbullet...


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Added a poll. It's Multiple Choice poll and is public.

Let's see what app is used the most, or is most popular. Personally I use ShareIt, but some times it doesn't work, so looking for alternatives.


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Well, over here I am going to suggest you moving forward in get Airdroid, as I have personally used it a number of times to transfer my data in and out from my Android device to my laptop ! Also I would like to add it would be much better if you are transferring data over the same network because you need to buy a subscription if you want to transfer more than 100mb of data in a day! But anyway way I am sure you are trying to do that over your smartphone then that isn't something you need to worry much about !
In superbeam you cannot transfer a installed app from android to android. Unless you have apk file stored.
But in software data cable you can.
So +1 to software data cable


Anybody tried ShareIt ? how is it ?
I use shareit.. The user interface is nice and pleasing to the eye..
Speeds vary from 5-8mbps between phones and the shareit app is also available in windows..
The main advantages of shareit (acc. To me) is if the file transfer is disconnected and if you resend the file, it resumes the transfer instead of restarting the transfer..


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ZAPYA interface is so easy :) uploadfromtaptalk1422635884554.jpg


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