Need a decent IEM for 1k-3k


My current IEM's got expired so looking for a decent pair.
I would be mostly listening to Hindi Movie songs not much into English stuff more of the peppy and sometimes slow music but will be mostly hindi Songs.
Last one I bought was quite crappy costed me around Rs600. My wife has BrainWavzM1. However I think M2 is more Bassy.So something like that would be great.
Want something which will have good Bass.
I see the following options listed in other similar thread
T-Peos Popular
T-Peos Tank

Kindly advise.


Cyborg Agent
Tpeos are best value for money around 2k. Their performance is very much close to Vsonic VSD1S which are around 3.5k.

Do check Signature Acoustics C12 if it interests you.

Sound magic E10 is good but around 1500-1600.

If you want sound signature similar to M1 then VSonic R02 Silver

check the reviews
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