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Guys can you me in choosing a new Processor for Gaming Rig....:-?

One of my frd has suggested me to go wit AMD processor rather then Intel as its cheap and more value for money. Since AMD doesnt do any promotion or adverting like intel its more cheaper then Intel.

I have read many post..most of them say go wit Intel i5 2500k or 3750k..wadz your review on this ??

Intel or AMD processor ...budget is 10k only for processor


get fx8120 and game on it

FX8120 vs. 2500k Benchmark Results

and buy heavy gpu.

price of (i5 2500k + 7850HD = fx8120 + 7870HD)

Gaming performance on fx8120 with 7870 is better then i5 2500k + 7850HD

as a standalone cpu, fx8120 couldnt even come closer to i5 2500k but VFM platform is fx8120


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^^Claps to you Friend...absolutely correct and well said.

OP should consider many AMD CPU's ,have a thorough study on the specs.(AMD site;Forums;Google).
If you could wait for some more time(may be a month) then you could have a look at the upcoming AMD's Vishera CPU's...

@anishsurve7 could also look for Intel CPU's + Platform (your choice); but with AMD path at least you could save some money.

If money is not a problem,then it's your choice + your decision + your budget...ultimately.


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buddy you can give some more meaningful title to your thread rather than giving an reason to start flamewars.:wink:
if your budget is strictly 10k then you can't get a decent unlocked i5 at that price.but you better open a thread in pc components/configurations thread with the required template filled mentioning the existing parts you are coupling the processor with or total budget for buying all of them.this will sound more meaningful than starting a flamewar here.:wink:


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Thread title changed

@ anishsurve7 - don't use such controversial thread title which could lead to a fued ;-) instead use something more simpler and appropriate to the thread purpose.

coming to the topic - if you need to complete pc setup then start a new thread in pc components/configurations sec like sukesh1090 suggested but if the cpu and mobo is what you need then this thread is ok.
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