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[Want to Buy] need a 20/40/80 gb ide hard drive


@Saurav2007 ~ Sorry to jump into your thread but i dont want to create similar threads on this forum.
Hello Friends!
I am looking for 20/40/80GB IDE HDD in excellent working conditions [Without any bad sectors] Preferred HDD with 1 or 2 days testing warranty. PM your best offers.
Karan Sidhu
Location: Amritsar,Punjab


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have a 160Gb seagate IDE HDD lying idle. purchased around 3yr ago so should have 2yr warranty left (will confirm tomorrow).


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I have a 80 gb IDE samsung desktop internal hard drive. Unused , got it as a replacement from samsung.

Please quote price.


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i have a seagate 7200rpm 80 gb IDE HDD. used only for 10months frm dec 2010 to july 2011. is in perfect condition and works perfectly.
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