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Edited the first post to summarize the Firefox extension and greasemonkey script features. The thread had become confusing as two similar threads were merged to one

NeatDigit 2.72 features :

1. Ad Block: Blocks advertisements on the digit forum pages. Top ad, right side ad and inline ad's between the posts. (Use ADblock plus with this extenion for best results)
Comparison image With Ad and With Ad blocking

2. Mark replied threads: Marks the threads where logged in user has replied in the past with a green background.

3. Mark 'My Thread’: marks the threads created by the logged in user with a green smily icon and green background.

4. Legend: A legend to help user with understanding the provided functionality. (Legend is not available on forum main page)

5. Mark popular threads: mark's popular threads in the forum displaying the view count next to the thread title.

6. Sneak Peek : Collapsible panel which shows you the sneak peek of the content of a thread, expand/collapse all button to expand and collapse all sneak peek panels at once on a page (value of this is saved, so if user has expanded all panel for a page , it will reflect on all pages in future).

Expand All/Colapse All - button on left-top corner

7. Settings panel: Enable/ Disable the features from here. (Changes will reflect from next operation).

8. Users can now Expand/collapse Announcements on search pages . Once collapsed, announcements will remain collapsed through pages until user again expands them.

Default expanded view

Collapsed view

However if there is any new announcement in forum then user will see the new announcement for the first time and from the next time the announcement panel will be in expanded state until user again collapses it .


In this way user wont miss any new forum announcements if he/she has chosen to keep the panel collapsed

9. Included enhanced breadcrumb bar functionality as per suggestion from 'MetalHeadGautam', now the navigation bar consists of the thread name with link appended at the end of bar.


same bar is provided below the 'quick reply' box on a 'thread' page


and at the bottom of the page(above time label) on other pages.

By default this option will be 'enabled', but the user can enable/disable from the option added in the settings panel.

11. Addition of custom site search (Google) functionality in the pages, result page is without ads. ( location : top right of the page)

12. English to Hindi translation of posts by language toggle button provided above each post. Its not perfect but its fun :D. Click the marked icon to translate the post from English to Hindi or back to English.

NeatDigit Extension/script current version is 2.72 .

The Firefox extension can be downloaded from : (2,000 downloads)

For those who use Greasemonkey
The Greasemonkey script version can be downloaded from :

Hope you find it useful. :)
Comments/suggestions are welcome.
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Unable to understand y the blue theme of website isn't available here

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thnks dude

and hey can I get tht blue one?
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@ Kalpik , thx . i think a better alternative firefox's plugin select element to hide, give it a try. I use that.

@ ajaybc, it's chrome theme for firefox.

Wow, in the lines of amitava's "get rid of the red" tutorial, this too is good :)
Why is it in programming?
It's in programming because i never made a greasemonkey script ever(which I later came to know is javascript only) that's why. Started using FF only 15 days ago.
I will experiment with css style too sometime, greasemonkey is interesting.
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Thanks a ton.
After using the adblock plus there were no ads, but an empty frame was there at the right side of the page, now I got rid from it.


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To use this in IE 8 use TrixIE. (Just found out, google ke bina life ka kya hoga :D)
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