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In the zone
Does any one knows from where i can find/download these
1)natgeo mission udaan documentary videos.
The documentary was on Indian Air force.
2) Scientific documentaries
3)Other Natgeo/Discovery documentaries.

any help will be appreciated.
(If you have something imp to tell, u can PM me:rolleyes:)


spice it up
i think u have to buy DVD compilation of many series of NAT GEO shows ...
i dont remember but i had seen it sometime back at some store
Sorry to hijack your thread, but I wanted to know too.
Where can I watch NGC or discovery online?
My Cable Operator has removed both off-air


High without substance...
^ cable walon ko maro goli, get some tata sky+ or dish TV i get discovery, history, National Geographic channels on my dish tv.

and as you know with tata Sky + you can record TV too.
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