Nasty popups + Strange network problem

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I'm having strange problems recently. Two popups come from nowhere and attempt to load a page within that app. They both are actually windows run by a single app. When I traced that app, I came to know that the app was in the 'TEMP' folder by a name 'win4f.tmp.exe' which means it is being generated and ShellExecuted by some other virus-kinda app. The titles of these windows are 'ULWindowSeek' and 'ULWindowURL'. They come out of nowhere and whenever they show up they ask me to connect to the net. Moreover, they are using embeded IE and hence even Norton Internet Security does not put firewall restirctions on them.

I'm using Norton Internet Security 2006 and have all it's features on and have scanned my system entirely for viruses. I also scanned my system with Spybot S&D.. but both of these were of no help.

Secondly another strange problem has come up.. which I think is interrelated to this. Whenever I restart my computer(or switch it on), all network address work fine. After sometime they just stop working. no matter which address I go to it always displays 'Could not connect to remote server'. Even http://localhost stops working. The message displayed is 'Could not connect to remote Server' in all browsers. I checked that the Apache services were running and even restarted them but it was of no help.

Please help.


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they r tojan downloaders Win32:Dialer-521. clear ur temp files. use 'ccleaner' if required. then scan ur pc in SAFE MODE with ur antivirus and adaware. if that fails post ur hijackthis logfile here or at for analysis.


For the second problem, check out the properties of the ethernet card/modem/etc through which you connect the network. (From Device Manager in Hardware Tab of Win Key+Pause keyboard shortcut). Under Power Management, uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"

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