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n72 contacts backup screwed...

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i v my n72 with me for almost 9 months now. i use pc suite to
sync my fone with my PC. (only contacts)
all these days i used to do it blindly assuming that it works
fine in the background.
just today i discovered something. there are several contacts in my fone whose nos. are stored in this way.

name: bala

now plz dont ask me why i chose to store it in this way. the fone allowed me to and hence i did it! and many a time i m in a hurry to take down nos. and i chose to hit watever sub-category i got to store the nos.

now the second mobile(home) doesnt get stored in the backup or export file or windows address book or anywhere while i sync.

there mite b more than 200 contacts like this and going thru the 600+ list trying to figure which contact is in this un(backupable) state, is going to be a real pain.

this has started giving me goosebumps now as i cannot afford to lose any contact no. resulting due to any possible corruption in phone/memory card at a future date.

p.s. jus today i updated the pc suite, but even the updated one doesnt help.

can some one plz help me get out of this??


i will need to do it thru GPRS. and in my vodafone conn. if i use GPRS i will be bankrupt.
any other third party s/w solution?
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