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My Writer is not copyin CD/DVD(help needed)

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tinku dhar

In the zone
yo ... ,

actually this prob occured be4 and tht time i changed my DVD writer bought a new one and still was not workin .......

Than i Formated my PC and than lata it was workin fine :| i think this is happenin because of VISTA TRANSFORMATION PACK wich i have used ....

can any one help me make this CD writer work without FORMAT .....

when i TRY TO write it says plz insert ur DISC..... :(

help plz ......
tinku dhar

tinku dhar

In the zone
hahaa chill dude only in 2 section ....

QnA and Software prob ......

but can ya tell me how to make this prob done .... ?


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try using Nero, ver 6.3- it over-rides most probs

n y do u need transformation packs yaar, try the tutorial here at digit forum to change luk n feel of Xp


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I hv ppl speaking abt formatting their optical drives but i want 2 kno whow 2 do that?


^^ I think the author formatted his PC, not his optical drive.

If there is something like formatting optical drive, then this is intresting.
I hope they just dont erase the ROM and install the latest firmware. <<Yeh hai Istyle:p
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