My Uber New 3D Desktop - This GUI Rock

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I was really amazed by the looks of it.

"My Computer"





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This Above mentioned GUI is Tactile 3D for windows


Simlar Apps

Sphere XP and 3DNA



...a new open source software platform for creating deeply collaborative multi-user online applications. It features a network architecture that supports communication, collaboration, resource sharing, and synchronous computation among multiple users. Using Croquet, software developers can create powerful and highly collaborative multi-user 2D and 3D applications and simulations.



3D wonder - Cube Like AIGLX

Photo realistic graphics and fully customizable environment improve the way you
work with Windows. 3D Desktop is the perfect addition to Windows – it enhances
the way you work with Windows and simply enjoy it countless hours of Fun!

3D WONDER 3D Desktop for Windows

Link:- 3D WONDER 3D Desktop for Windows


A Next-Generation 3D Desktop for the PC. Spaces integrates seamlessly into your desktop and unleashes the untapped power of your graphics processor. Spaces allows you to manage multiple windows and applications efficiently by allowing applications to recede into the desktop. Spaces is fully customizable and includes multiple types of workspaces and effects. You will not believe what your computer can do.

Link:- Spaces - 3D Desktop for Windows - User reviews and free download at

Project Looking Glass runs on Windows

Running Project Looking Glass (LG3D) on Windows is very easy :) The core part of LG3D is built using platform independent Java technology which means that it can run on many platforms. So, it runs on Windows (although there are some limitations). In order to simplify the installation process significantly, the LG3D Installer exe has been released. This document describe how to install and run LG3D on your Windows system using the installer.


Going 3D with Project Looking Glass


Wow it definitely does look cool !

Is there any desktop with some more eye candy ? as in using pixel shaders for glass effects etc ;) .... I suppose one can also make a software which can simulate the Aero theme ! ;)


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These things (in my view) don't have any practical use for them. Just because they are 3D they are 3D. User friendly interface should come first, then the effects.


tarey is right.....looks cool, but useless for productivity

Mac users & linux users have something to envy now :D


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gxsaurav said:
tarey is right.....looks cool, but useless for productivity

Mac users & linux users have something to envy now :D
For something that surfaced so late? Yeah. Well, all that apart, am running the 3D Desk now and it seems pretty good to show off, but alas! Its a monday today :(


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I hated to but i gave it a try , and this (tactile 3d) is a even more bigger POS than the useless(IMO) aiglx stuff. Miserable.
I had downloaded korrora linux just show my friends the xgl/aiglx stuff, for sometime they enjoyed playing with it , then they said "Ok remove this stuff , we need to work on the computer". Seriously who needs the crap if its not productive in any way. wobbling windows, lol.

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Thanks for ur appreciation guys.

This is one of the best GUI's i have seen for a desktop.

All the time i heard abt XGL AIGLX and MAC but now there is something
which windows users are proud of.

It doesnt mean that i hate Linux or Mac i have both Linux and Mac running
on my Virtual Machine.


WoooW..I m crazy guy for customization so I give u a big thanks for this post.. just simply awesome... it's gives me a separate looks of my desktop..
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