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My system is very slow

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Broken In
I have got an AMD 3000+ with 512mb ram on asus a8vmx motherboard and 160gb seagate hdd.I also have Pinncale 50i tv tuner card and sony dvdrw.
My old system was p3 933mhz with 192mb ram.
this new system of mine is extremely slow.almost as slow as my old one.with hardly 6 applications to load on startup it takes about 15 minutes to startup.after that,every single action of the system is very slow.
i have tried many utilities deleted unnecassary files,done defragmantaion,etc. but to no avail.
plssss help me.i want the system 2 b faster.


Wise Old Owl
1)Repartion all partitions of HDD.

2)Format after repartion.

3)Install only basic software that too if required.

4)While doing the above 3, keep the cabinet side open and make sure the airflow is fine and monitor the temps of each component. They should be fine else there may be a problem.

5)If all this solves it, fine.


6)RMA HDD. Make sure you get a brand new sata or sata II

7)RMA RAM and make sure you only get new ones.

8)What do you exactly mean by slow?

9)Post your PC Mark, HD Tach, and other system performance scores. Do memtest86 to test your RAM

10)Tell your experiences after all this.


which AntiVrus s/w do you use.

disable the AntiVirus & check whether there's any improvement.

This happened with my cousin's laptop. he then used Avast


Wise Old Owl
Hmm .. running XP rite ?? Make sure u don't have mem. hogging applications like Norton running .. also Defragment ur Hdd , specially the OS partition regularly . CLear up the prefetch folder (which boosts up the boot process quite a bit) .. enable boot defragmentation ... in other words visit : http://www.tweakxp.com/


Wise Old Owl
He has done defrag and all.
Wasn't this system slow from the very minute it was assembled. Then it is probably not the norton or any software for that matter.


check out for spywares , this type of behaviour usually happens due to spywares

install webroot spysweeper or windows bit defender
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